• Michelle

Best Cream to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks during pregnancy are common and totally normal for any woman. Technically called striae, they indicate a breakdown in the elasticity of the skin as it stretches.

They pop up when the skin stretches quickly—just like during pregnancy—and initially have a purple, pink, or red hue, gradually fading to more of a skin-toned color.

The big caveat when it comes to treating stretch marks during pregnancy is that there’s no magical lotion or potion that will erase them completely; dermatologists unanimously agree that in-office treatments, such as lasers, are the best solution. But I personally believe there are better alternatives to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

That being said, Tribe Essentials body butter can keep the skin well-hydrated and help it remain more elastic—a good option for preventing stretch marks from occurring in the first place or getting worse,

The bottom line: Stretch marks during pregnancy are normal, and you don’t need to feel pressure to cover them up or change them at all. Instead, use Tribe Essentials Body Butter to help.