• Michelle

Body butter and mosquitos

My little one has been suffering from mosquito bites out on the playground. I have not gotten the OK yet for bug spray to be brought in but I did do this... My girlfriend Hollie mentioned that she was wearing my Revive & Relief body butter out one night at a party in a backyard and she never got bit. She was cracking up because she figured out that it had lemongrass essential oil in it and mosquitoes don’t like that.

So I have been lathering up both boys every morning in my Sweet Slumber body butter and added lemongrass essential oil. The lavender in the sweet slumber will help with his current bites and the lemongrass will keep those pesky mosquitoes away!

You can also just buy the Revive & Relief body butter and it will also do the trick. Or buy my Bug Repellent of course! But if you want it for your kids and they don't allow spray try the body butter and/or the lemongrass essential oil hack. If you need lemongrass please let me know. I can get that ordered for you as well.