• Michelle

Is Organic Necessary?

organic body butter

You’ve heard the old adage, “you are what you eat.” Now, I’d like to add another to that: “You are what you apply.”

To your skin, that is!

Substances that affect your overall health and wellbeing don’t simply work their way through your system by travelling the gut alone. An often-overlooked route – the transdermal (through the skin) route – allows substances ranging from the beneficial to the bad to enter your bloodstream and circulate throughout your body.

We hear the term 'organic' all the time but is it really worth it?

And what's the deal with organic body care products like body butter, sugar scrubs etc...

Simply put, using organic body butters assures that you know that the ingredients that are on the label match what's in the product.

No hidden or confusing chemicals!

Stop for a moment and think about how many personal care or cosmetic products you use in a day.

How many did you come up with – two, five, ten or fifteen?
We wash our hands 6-12 times a day. We re-apply sunscreen every few hours that we are in the sun. We may even shower more than once per day. When you do the math, it’s incredible to consider the number of items that we slather across our skin every day.

However, the number of products used isn’t the issue; rather, it’s the ingredients in those products and what they do once in our bloodstream that is cause for concern.

Organic means that there are no GMOs, artificial fragrances, or other chemicals hiding out in your product. We've been in business since 2017 and manufacture all of our products in-house in small batches so we can maintain the highest quality, purity, and freshness.

So not only are they pure and gentle on skin but they're safe for all ages allowing you to use them on the most sensitive and precious skin. Using organic products gives you the peace of mind knowing that no matter what you are using, it's safe to use AND not only that but it's still full of all the rich nutrients that are usually stripped away during the creation process.

Our body butters are organic pure whipped shea butter product with other beneficial oils added, like jojoba and extra virgin coconut oil.

With Our Organic Body Butter and Sugar Scrubs, You Lather on Health-Supporting Botanicals, Not Harsh or Potentially Toxic Chemicals. Choose Organic. Choose Tribe Essentials.