Pineapple Paradise Body Butter

This is the PERFECT product for all the pineapple lovers out there. It does not get any better than this! The first time you experience our Pineapple Paradise you'll feel as if you just stepped foot out on a tropical beach taking in that wonderful smelling island aroma.


Cleanse and envelop your skin in the wonderful aroma of freshly sliced pineapple. You'll feel like you're in a tropical paradise and have velvety, soft skin; without being oily or greasy.


To take your pineapple love even further, here is the matching sugar scrub for an even MORE sensational experience: Pineapple Paradise Sugar Scrub.



*Tribe Essential Body Butter is made by hand in small batches with raw ingredients. Therefore, slight inconsistencies between batches is normal and will produce the same results.

Pineapple Paradise Body Butter


Apply to the skin after shower or bath. Massage all over the body. To increase spreadability, warm body butter between the palms of your hands. A little goes a long way.