Donna Thomas, Beach Lover/Artist

I've tried various body lotions, oils, etc. for my dry skin. Especially for dry cracked heels. Nothing works better than the Tribe Pineapple Paradise body butter! It melts into your skin leaving it smooth and soft. Even my husband uses it on his dry hands. We go to the beach often and the body butter has kept me from peeling after a day in the sun. The sugar scrub is another wonderful product. I use it in the shower and it's wonderful on the knees and elbows. I highly recommend both products!


Alexandra Mitchell, Mama of 3
South Carolina

I absolutely love my Coconut Lime salt scrub! I use it daily in the shower. It makes my skin feel so incredibly soft and it smells great. Thank you for only using organic products. I love that my children can use the scrub as well and I don't have to worry about the ingredients. I can't wait to try the sugar scrubs next!


Lori Schmidt, Blessed Mama of 3

I have been using tribe essentials for over a year and they have become a regular part of my family’s daily routine. I knew how much my skin loved the products, but it wasn’t until we somehow got out of the routine that I realized how vital they were for my kids. My 10 month old developed eczema so bad she didn’t want to take a bath! When I realized it had been a few weeks since we used the Sweet Slumber body butter, we started our routine up again, and within a week her skin was cleared up and she was happy to play in the bath again! Never letting our stock run low again!


Paige Sfura, Mama of 3

My skin, excluding my face, is probably the thing I take care of the least which is crazy since it’s the largest barrier of protection we have! Tribe Essentials has become part of my daily routine. I’m thankful that Michelle (owner) is knowledgeable of all ingredients and the uses of her products. I know exactly what is going onto my skin! My oldest has eczema and she had a flair up around the corners of her nose - using the body butter there a few times helped it tremendously!


Tonya Fines, Mermaid Mom

I cannot say enough about the Tribe Essentials brand other than . . . FABULOUS! I have incredibly sensitive and allergic skin so finding products that I can not only use but that I love. The texture and smell of products  is very challenging for me. Tribe Essentials hits a HOME RUN with their product line. Hands down incredible. Pure and luxurious. I'm recommending Tribe Essentials to all my family and friends.


Rachel Gaylord, Mama Bear

I use the body butter EVERY night. Very effective! Plus ingredients that I trust and made with love.


Steph Wilson, Teacher/Beach Lover

Tribe Essential's body butter has become part of my daily routine. Every morning I apply it after my shower. I mix it in with some sunscreen to get SPF protection. It applies evenly and keeps me moisturized all day.  At night I apply it all over again! I have soft and glowing skin 24 hours a day. I’m really looking forward to trying the sugar scrub next! 


Teri Rogers, Proud Grandma

Whether I'm taking a relaxing bath or a quick shower, I always use a Tribe sugar or salt body scrub. It's a little luxury that I enjoy and can treat myself to every day.  Not only do I enjoy the relaxing effect the aroma provides, but my skin has never been softer!  I use their body butter every night – I’m 65 and my skin is really loving this product!  I am now addicted to Tribe Body Essentials, my new habit! 


Sean Cooley, Girl Dad

Since using the body butter, my feet no longer take work to keep them soft. I use it almost every night when I get into bed.  Within one week I noticed how soft my calluses had become. No need for pedicures anymore, although my wife will miss my company. In fact, she is even getting pedicures less often since using the body butter. 


Phyllis Kozlowski, Proud Nonna
South Carolina

I am a huge fan of Tribe essential products. Being a runner the outdoor elements take their toll on my skin. I have been using various Tribe Essentials sugar scrubs daily followed by their body butter. I have seen a huge improvement in my skins moisture and softness. Gentle enough for my face too! My new favorite is Pineapple Paradise body butter and scrub. I introduced
Sweet Slumber body butter to my "soon to be momma" daughter-in-law and she uses it daily replacing all other lotions. I am grateful to be a part of this tribe!


Johanna Eccles, A Believer

I am very conscientious about my health and what I put in and on my body. I try to only use organic ingredients as I know “you are what you eat”. Since the skin is the biggest organ in the body, what we put on gets absorbed. So, I choose only the best for my skin. That’s why I use Tribe Essentials. Wholesome, organic ingredients I know and love. The scents leave me feeling like I just spent hours getting pampered at the spa.


Sally Wilson, Teacher

I LOVE this product! I use the sugar scrub in the shower and the body butter after! My skin has never been softer! It is a clean product that my kids can use! My daughter has really sensitive skin and Tribe products are perfect for her!


Dr. Carissa Alinat,
Partner/Owner Living Young Center

Founder and CEO of Origin Weight Loss

I love these products!! Great stuff!


Carol Pilkington, Photography Blogger

I absolutely love my Pineapple Paradise sugar scrub. I have purchased many scrubs and this is a very high quality product. A little goes a long way. I also have the Island Dreamin' body butter. I feel like I'm on vacation when I use it. It has made my skin much softer and added moisture back to my skin.